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Seasons: Spring
After a long wait for winter to end here in northeastern Pennsylvania, spring is a most
welcome and glorious event. This gallery features just general springtime scenics. I
have put my flower photographs in their own gallery, regardless of season. So if you
are specifically looking to view flower photos, that is where you will find them.
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This year was the first time
shooting in this location in a couple
of years. Great to revisit this spot
again in Hunlock Creek, PA along
the Susquehanna River. I couldn't
resist the glowing leaves on this
cool day in spring.
Baby Leaf Greens
Every year when the first green
leaves start to appear I grab my
camera to capture that special time.
I love the fresh “baby leaf” light
green color and the sparseness as
not all of the leaves have yet
sprouted and the branches are not
yet “overcrowded” with leaves. It is
a special time that lasts for too short
a time, blink and it’s all over.
I am so fortunate to live in such a
beautiful, wild area.  All of these
images were either shot in my own
backyard or just a short drive away.
Celebrate spring!
More Flowering Trees In
I'm obsessed with the flowering
trees of springtime. Every year those
pink and white flowers come out,
and every year you can find me
underneath as many as I can find. I
can literally spend hours under just
one of these trees. There are an
infinite number of compositions in
there, and I find such pleasure in
finding as many of them as I can.
Springtime In The Woods