Fantasy & Fashion Art by Dorothy Lee
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Welcome to my site featuring hand drawn and digital art! Here you will
magical imagery of fantasy, fairies, and fashion art.

Who Are You?
That’s what I wonder when I create one of my fashion or fairy
illustrations. I always start with a loose line drawing with the basic
placement of features very simply drawn. It is during the coloring process
that the drawing then takes shape and the character is  revealed to me.
With each illustration I always wonder, who are you? And I always enjoy
the journey as the character comes to life and reveal themselves to me.

Fashion & fantasy characters are my typical subjects. I hope to expand
my range and work on some nature themed images soon. Nature is one
of my favorite subjects to photograph. But whenever I sit down to create
art, it is fantasy and fashion that end up calling to me to create.

I hope you enjoy viewing my art! And if you are interested in licensing or
purchasing any of my work, please feel free to contact me. And don't
forget to check out my photography site, linked below.

Thanks for viewing!
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