Fantasy & Fashion Art by Dorothy Lee
Welcome to my site featuring hand drawn and digital art! Here
you will magical imagery of fantasy, fairies, and fashion art.

Here you will magical imagery of fantastic fantasy characters and
fashion inspired themes. These have been my favorite subjects
for awhile. Whenever I sit down to create art, it is fantasy and
fashion that end up calling to me to create. But as time goes by I
have also been experimenting with creating flower and nature
themed images as they have been favorite subjects of mine to
photograph for decades.

After experimenting over the past few years with various
mediums, it is colored pencils that have won my heart. While I
also love the look of a colored pencil drawing, I most typically
work in the 'colored pencil painting' style as I love the way the
finished artwork has smooth blends and a glossy sheen after the
application of several layers. Working this way is slow but I love
the process and the finished result.

If you are interested in licensing, commissions, or purchasing any
of my originals, please feel free to contact me!

And don't forget to check out my photography site, linked below.

I hope you enjoy viewing my art!
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